My Banner Plus has been updated for the UTK Spring 2016 semester.

Try these examples:


MyBP attempts to greatly simplify the course signup process at universities.


Simply tell it the courses or CRNs you need for next semester and it will show everything you need to make your own decision.

Visual schedules

Stop guessing if a schedule seems right. See it.

Do you actually sign me up?

No. We just show you the possible schedules visually and we leave it up to you to sign up using the CRN #'s.

RateMyProfessors integration

Simply click on a professor's name to get reviews.

Avoid time conflicts

This tool will only list schedules without time conflicts. You do not need to worry if your classes will overlap.

Ignore full classes

When the tool looks for possible schedules, we make sure to leave out the classes that are already full.

What about prerequisites?

It is up to you to make sure you have the prereqs needed to sign up for the courses you give us.